Best 8 Natural Hair Trends that Will Be Popular By 2021

Natural hair is one of the most beautiful types of hair textures out there. Thick, voluminous, and often with its personality, this particular hair type allows the wearer to style it in countless bold and beautiful styles.

Embracing natural hair is one of the biggest trends in the latest years and 2021 comes with great trends. If you are a fashionable woman that wants to be constantly updated with the latest trends come with us on this trend hunt.

Embedded Braids

Embedded braids

Funky, fun, and gorgeous, this hairstyle will give your natural hair that extra color and personality desired. The beads and accessories added will make every single braid a story itself and it will enhance your outfit and style.

This is one of the oldest natural hair trends out there and we see that it pops on every beauty and hair website in 2020. This particular hairstyle is very interesting and good for summer too and it will make every outfit gorgeous.

Colored Puffs

Colored puffs

The afro puffs have long been one of the cutest natural hair trends and they never actually stopped being popular. 2021 comes with a bold and colorful reinterpretation that will make your stand out from every crowd.

The hairstyle itself can be done just like the regular puffs and the difference is the color of the hair. This natural hair trend gives you great creative liberty because it can also be done with temporary hair dye that will not damage your precious curls.

Patterned Shave

Patterned shave

Boy, oh boy! This hair trend is for the bold ladies out there. Short natural hairstyles have always been in trend and this year we see that they have a very interesting turn. The shaved head hairstyle has long been a very bold and brave trend so why not add some beautiful patterns to it?

This look will surely express your bold personality and make your stand out. And for an extra wow factor you can also add an interesting color to your hair.

The Blunt Bob

The blunt bob

The bob has been and will always be one of the staple hairstyles loved by many women. The blunt bob is one of the most popular wavy hair trends because it is very easy to maintain. Given the natural texture of your hair, this hairstyle requires little to no styling and it is suitable for many complexions and occasions, being a versatile and elegant hairstyle.

Colored Ends

Colored ends

If the last decade was dominated by bold and light highlights, this decade starts the fashionable and joyful trend of adding color to your hair. Natural hair trends become more and more inclusive and fun and they encourage women to embrace their personality and style. Unlike the old school highlights, the colored hair ends add discreet tones to your hair and they will complement any outfit or style.

Layered Pixie

Layered pixie

This hairstyle has always been in trend no matter what year or era. This is one of the most popular short natural hairstyles because it enhances the facial features while giving a very elegant and high-class look. Easy to maintain and suitable for multiple occasions, this hair trend comes to conquer 2020 in a very fashionable manner.

Micro Locks

Micro locks

Taming natural hair can often be a very difficult job, especially with the very thick frizzy hair. The old school methods include dreadlocks but 2020 comes with a more modern version called micro locks.

Smaller, cuter, and easier to maintain, micro locks come to give a very polished and versatile look that will be suitable at work, at home, and every formal event. This hairstyle can be achieved using a multitude of techniques and it is very low maintenance.

Textured Bangs

Textured bangs

A modern and inclusive reinterpretation of the classic and straight bang, the texture bang fully embraces the natural texture of the hair. It is also one of the favorite wavy hair trends this year because it spares us all from the hassle of using a flat iron on our bangs every single morning.

Also, this type of bang will require fewer visits to the hair salon, being very cute and easy to maintain. It can be styled with just a few bobby pins and it will give you a very cute and elegant look.

Natural air trends in 2020 are very versatile and comfortable and they all focus on embracing and enhancing our natural curls. The natural hair trends listed above focus on the natural beauty and they all understand the busy lives we all live and the limited time for styling and care.

Embrace your natural beauty with pride and joy and flaunt those beautiful curls wherever you go with these funky and modern 2021 hair trends.

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