Best Cheesy Pizza Recipes

The Best Cheesy Pizza is one of the most common requests to any pizza restaurant. For a pizza lover, anything that has cheese on it is guaranteed to please them. They are the perfect appetizer for any gathering, and they make a great first course at a dinner party or lunch.

Most loveable dish:

Pizza is a food that is enjoyed by all types of people, but they also have a definite preference about what goes into their pies. Many prefer a thicker crust while others enjoy their thin crust. Some prefer the tomato sauce while others like ranch and spinach.

Preparation of pizza dough:

Pizza is often made with bread dough, but there is a wide range of ways to prepare pizza dough. The dough can be made from scratch by hand using your own dough ingredients, or you can use pre-made pizza dough, which is made available at most grocery stores.

While many prefer the homemade variety, you may find it difficult to keep up with the recipe for homemade bread dough, especially if you have no experience making this type of dough. It may also take up to 2 weeks to get it ready for baking.

Bread dough- another good option:

When you do choose to use bread dough, it is a good idea to choose a dough that has a low sugar content. While bread dough is easy to work with, it is very heavy and requires some strength to mix it. This may not be an option if you live in a small apartment, or if you are looking for a light weight option.

Ready-made dough:

Another option is to use a ready-made pizza dough or pizza sauce that has a low sugar content, but that is still thick enough to hold the cheese on it. The best cheesy pizza is one that contains enough cheese to hold it all together, and not too much cheese.


Cheese also needs to be added to the crust prior to baking. This is done by spreading it over the top of the crust, or by using a hand held pizza cutter to snip it into small cubes. The pizza maker will usually add the cheese in the mixing bowl before pouring it into the crust. To give it a better taste, some people prefer to sprinkle some Parmesan cheese over the top of the pizza after it is baked.


The topping you use on your pizza depends on how much cheese you are able to afford to put into it. Most people prefer something with as close to the actual cheese as possible. However, if you want to have a more authentic cheese pie, you can mix your own cream cheese with the dough before baking or use a cream cheese sauce to top it.

Another topping that works is garlic. If you do decide to use this topping on your pizza, it should only be used on the top half. Otherwise, it will overpower the cheese and the rest of the pizza will end up tasting flat.

Cheese burger style pizza:

If you want to go all out and make a cheeseburger style, then you can try using a mixture of pizza sauce and cheddar, or even Monterey jack cheese on the crust. You can even create a pizza that contains a mixture of various cheeses such as cheddar, mozzarella and Monterey jack. The possibilities are endless with cheeseburger style pizza!

Spicy pizza sauce:

Pizza sauce can be used to top the pizza with the crust or to add a bit of flavor as well. The most popular types of sauce that people like to use are:

  • buffalo wing sauce,
  • ranch,
  • pizza sauce

and anything that you would use to enhance a steak or other meat based meal. The most important thing to remember when using any type of sauce is to make sure that you do not overdo it.

Pizza dip:

You could also opt to top it with a dipping sauce. A pizza dipping sauce is something that is made with some type of butter or cheese and flour. In order to achieve a good finish, it is important to make sure that the butter is spread evenly over the entire pizza, and that the flour does not stick to the sides.

Final words:

You can also choose to use a meat or cheese based topping. The choices include sausage, ham, chicken, or even ground beef. While some people may find this a little bit pretentious, it is a delicious topping and a great way to give your pizza a real, authentic cheeseburger taste. Enjoy your best cheesy pizza with your dear ones.