Custom Printed Mailer Boxes Design

One of the best investments e-commerce retailers can make for the future of their business is to invest in custom printed mailer boxes design. Remember, unique and attractive packaging design can supercharge your business to trail blaze past its competition.

For most customers, product packaging is perhaps the most critical element to give a nod to a product. And the beauty of today’s custom mailer boxes design is that the manufacturing and printing process is getting easier and cheaper for small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses.

Companies such as the Legacy Printing provide these businesses all the assistance they need to create a powerful and unique mailer box design. More importantly, the one that works for them. Here’s why investing in custom printed mailer boxes design or redesign can pay off big time:

People Love to Share Pretty Things

So, you have an amazing product that people love. But what are you doing to boost its exposure? With custom mailer box packaging, your packaging can grasp the limelight when your customers share it with their social community or make a video about their unboxing experience.

Since unboxing videos contain ‘spoilers’, people love to watch them so they could learn about the contents of the packaging. These videos draw potential customers as they garner hundreds and thousands of views.

If you put time and effort into customizing your mailer boxes, they will boost your reach and return on investment. On top of it, custom wholesale mailer boxes help improve your brand image. However, when your product is shared online, you have little to no control over how it is presented.

A major reason behind it is that customers have no list of branding dos and don’ts. As a result, they are unlikely to present your items appropriately.

High-quality custom packaging resolves this issue head-on. All your customers need to do is snap the pictures or shoot the video and share it with the world. So, when conceiving the design of your mailer boxes wholesale packaging, share-ability should always be your top priority.

When you make it easier for customers to share your boxes, it gets the word out about your business and creates brand evangelists.

Sell Lifestyles and Not Just Products

Smart brands know that when customers picks up the phone and order an item they aren’t just driven by impulse buying. Rather, it’s an act of embracing ever-changing technology and novel means of wish fulfillment.

Take Houzz, Airbnb, and Uber, for instance. These companies have presented new ways of doing things and allowed the younger generation to stay ahead of the curve.

Successful brands are well aware of this zeitgeist. They know that solely selling a product won’t keep them flame alive too long. You need to sell experiences and lifestyles to develop a unique and memorable brand identity. That’s where custom printed mailer boxes come into play.

Consider Dollar Shave Club, for example. The company sends more than just topnotch razors and blades. Elements such as bespoke branded boxes and personalized thank-you notes give them a feeling of membership affirmation.

The modern-day e-commerce brands can take a leaf out of their book and grow their sales and proceeds. When someone buys their first Versace sunglasses or Burberry shirt, they get more than the item itself. The purchase is sort of an invitation to join an exclusive club or community.

This feeling of exclusivity should be extended to every product and brand. And since e-commerce businesses have no swanky stores, they must not ignore the most crucial touchpoint, which is their packaging.