Features of Car Engine Repair

The car engine is a complex mechanism, which is considered the heart of the iron horse. How it functions depends on how the trip goes. Driving with a faulty engine is dangerous. The car engine needs regular diagnostics and maintenance by specialists. If experts identify problems, then repair and adjustment of individual engine elements will be required.

How is the diagnosis made?

The presence of controllers and ECM systems allows car owners to assess the state of various engine systems. Such a check may not be enough, therefore, if you suspect a serious malfunction, you should contact a car service.

There, with the help of a special endoscope, specialists will examine the piston mirror and check the functioning of nozzles, turbines and compressors at special stands.

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Very often, diagnostics reveal minor problems that are eliminated by changing consumables, such as candles, sensors, timing belt, filters, etc. Another common problem is malfunctions that cause malfunctions of fuel units.

Their cause is usually associated with poor fuel quality at filling stations, as well as with a decrease in the throughput of injectors due to the ingress of dirt and harmful impurities into the fuel supply system.


Overhaul of the power unit of a car is carried out to restore its original performance. Such a procedure may be required in a variety of cases, from breaking the timing belt to replacing worn-out piston rings.

The troubleshooting procedure can be divided into several stages:

  • dismantling the motor, disassembling and cleaning each unit;
  • identification of damage and wear on each of the parts;
  • identification of chips, cracks and other defects in engine parts;
  • cylinder head repair;
  • repair of the cylinder block;
  • repair of the crankshaft;
  • assembly and installation of the power unit;
  • running in the engine at idle;

In addition, as the last overhaul operation that will improve the performance of the car engine, many car services offer cylinder honing. Experienced motorists do not recommend saving on it.