Freshtohome Promo Codes 2020

The demand for online shopping has witnessed a sharp growth in 2020. More and more prefer to order online due to various reasons which vary from convenience to attractive discounts. Customers also have multiple options when it comes to choosing an online store for their purchase. Depending on their preference they can choose a store which offers the best deal.

The options have also increased when it comes to grocery stores. Freshtohome, which is a Bangalore based startup is known for providing chemical-free and fresh vegetables, fish, mutton and vegetables. If you are also looking to order fish and chicken online then here is the complete review of the site to help with your purchase.


Freshtohome has a presence in

  • Bangalore,
  • Chennai,
  • Delhi/NCR,
  • Kerala,
  • Mumbai,
  • Pune and Hyderabad.

If you are living in any of these locations then it is possible to order from Freshtohome. Once you open the website, you have to choose a location because the menu depends on your city.


The startup allows customers to choose a delivery slot as per their convenience. It is also easy to pick a delivery slot as per your convenience depending on the availability. The available delivery slots are displayed at the time of check out.

Freshtohome also has 24-hour express delivery available on the app. Customers can download the Freshtohome app for android and iOS platforms to avail the express delivery service.

Minimum Order Value

The minimum cart value to place an order is Rs. 299. If the cart value is lower than that customer can’t place the order. It is a case with other grocery stores as well. For instance, the minimum order value for Flipkart Supermart is Rs. 600. Similarly to place an order from Amazon Fresh, the minimum order value should be Rs. 600.

However, to get free delivery of order from Freshtohome, customer needs to make a minimum purchase of Rs. 799. There are free delivery coupons available which can help save money on delivery charges

Freshtohome App

Freshtohome app is available for android and iOS. The app is easy to use and lightweight as well. In addition to that, Freshtohome app users get the express 2-hr delivery option. It is a good option to have considering the fact that only app users get the express delivery service.

Product Variety

The product availability depends on the location of the customer. Depending on location, customers can see the variation across different product categories such as fish & seafood, poultry, mutton, vegetables and ready to cook.

Freshtohome has over 100 varieties of fish and seafood. There is enough variety in all categories. The customer has to choose a category to see the available variety. Fruits and veggies are available at select cities only.

Discounts & offers

Freshtohome has many attractive offers to help customers save money. For a first time user, there are new user offers on the store that helps a customer get discounts on the first purchase from the store. There are also Freshtohome discount codes for existing users. Customers get up to 40% off on order by applying the discount code on their order. The discount code is applicable at the time of check out.

Referral Code

Freshtohome also has an amazing referral program in place. With the referral offer, customers get up to 20% off their order. The exciting customers can share their unique referral code with friends and family to get an Rs. 100 discount voucher. The discount voucher is provided after the first purchase of the invited person and it can be applied on the next purchase.

Freshtohome E-wallet

The online store rewards its customers with cashbacks and promo points. Freshcash is the dedicated wallet to store cashbacks and promo points that are credited on participating in special promotions. It is possible to pay 20% off the order amount using Freshcash wallet. Freshcash can be used with prepaid modes of payment. It is automatically applied at the time of check out on the Freshtohome app and website.

There is a significant growth in the online orders due to the coronavirus pandemic. Online grocery stores provide customers with a safe option to order grocery and daily essentials. The leading online stores have come with many safety features to provide a safe and contactless delivery.

It is not only safe and convenient to order daily essentials but also helps save money. Online grocery store promise to provide better prices. There are various promotions as well which help customers save money. For instance: While ordering fish and mutton online, use Freshtohome discount promo code to get assured savings on your order.