How to Be More Productive on The Weekends?

Weekends are the best days of the week, isn’t it? No office or school, two whole days to chill with family and friends and to eat and do things that we want to do. But weekends can also bring laziness into our lives making us spend the entirety of it slumped on the couch, which is not great.

We don’t want anyone to be super productive on these days where they are supposed to chill. But taking small steps to ensure they are a bit productive and are conscious of their fitness goal is imperative. If you miss your fitness routine or spend the whole day in front of the TV, the coming week will not yield any results that you were expecting. So, focus on being at least 25% productive and on your eating habits on the weekend.

Here are simple tips to ensure you have a productive weekend.

Sleep well

Sleep is the fuel on which our body runs. If we are sleepy, it will make us irritable, and we will accomplish nothing that we set out to do. Since it is the weekend, sleep in a few minutes or an hour extra. Make sure you sleep soundly and take a nap if you want to.

Just be sure to not let it come in between your goals or workout for the day. If you are well-slept, you will be ready to take on anything that the day has to offer.

Do something different

Throughout Monday to Friday (even Saturday for some people), we follow the same routine of working and attending meetings and so on. Switch it up on weekends, pick up a hobby or use a different skill to bring some change into your week. Also, when you do different things, it keeps your mind active and helps you make different associations.

For instance, if you don’t get time to read or cook or go on for a walk during the week, use the weekend for it.

Make fun-to-do list

We all know that when we have a list, we have a better day. We all follow this during the week, so why not bring it into the weekend as well. Create a list on Friday of all the things that you want to accomplish on Sat-Sun like:

  • meeting family or friends,
  • going for a movie,
  • watching a movie,
  • doing meditation,
  • make plans for a project,
  • and so on.

A list will ensure that you know what you have to do so you won’t spend the whole day doing anything. Make the lost by adding some printing some images or icons or elements from Canva.

Also, never make a list of 20 things to do and hope to accomplish them. It will only stress you out, and you don’t want that on the weekend. What you can do is prioritize the items on the list, and go with that.

Start the morning well

Whenever you wake up in the morning (try to get up at a reasonable hour, don’t sleep till noon), make sure you get out of the bed immediately. If you keep slouching on the bed scrolling through Instagram, you will be doing nothing productive at all.

So, get up and go for a walk or do a small chore like emptying the dishwasher. When you start the day with some productivity, the whole day goes well.

Have some me-time

You must have a lot of things to do on the weekends, especially if you live with your family. Still, try to find some me-time which will help you reflect and pamper yourself. It can be a mani-pedi session or a quick coffee at your favourite café or so on.

Schedule the upcoming week

Planning your week in advance can ensure you are organized and not over your head after two relaxing days. So, on Sunday, use Canva to create a calendar which you can use to mark important meetings or days. Also, plan meals ahead if days blur for you, so that you know what groceries you have to puck and when.

Keep in mind that productivity has different meanings. It can be to focus your attention on a project or fitness goal or to give yourself a break and think and reflect. Whatever productivity means for you this weekend, make sure you use these tips to accomplish that.

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