5 Things to Do for Your Brother this Raksha Bandhan 2020

Rakhi is one of the most awaited festivals that is commemorated all over in India with great zeal. The whole market is flooded with rakhi gifts, clothes, sweet treats, etc. Mainly, siblings wait for this occasion with immense enthusiasm as this day devotes their auspicious bond.

On this day, brother and sister express their love by exchanging Rakhi gifts and feeding with sweets to sweeten their relationship.

The ritual of tying rakhi on brother’s wrist and brother give promises to protect her; it’s the best part that makes this occasion unique and impressive, not even in India but also in international territories. So, if we talk about the event of Raksha Bandhan, then there is always a vital place of Rakhi gifts in the corner.

Whether it’s an online market or offline, you will find everything that sisters want, but it’s hard to find for brothers. So, here we are going to share some ideas that you can do for your brother. You may continue reading here!


The connection between a brother and sister resembles a box of chocolates—loaded up with surprises, and no one can really tell what you will get!

Chocolates may seem like a simple gift for your brother; however, you can make it interesting and unique with a classic decoration on the box, such as a golden or silver wrapper, Zardosi (colorful strings), and colorful beads.

Be innovative when handpicking your brother’s favorite chocolates. Let every chocolate help you remember the time you spent together either fighting about the last candy in the crate or sharing even a fudge piece.


Nothing can be a better gift than perfume for your brother. Boys adore perfumes as gifts, no matter how many sets they have. You can pick the refreshing and rejuvenating smell, as we are in the peak of summer— it can be the gift he will use most.

You can make this gifting event more attractive by choosing a classical bottle or merely placing it in a basket with some decoration. Your brother will surely admire your gift and find another set of perfume for his collection. So, without thinking twice, order Rakhi online in the way of perfumes.

Homemade Laddoos s & Sweets

There is no match of homemade Laddoos s or sweets with any gift purchase from the market. If you want to make your gift-giving lovely and cherishable, then unleash your inner chef and make some sweets of your brother’s choice.

This will be the special one gift you can present to your brother this 2020 and show your never-ending love. If you are not fond of cooking, you can take your mother’s help or from some cooking websites.

There are various and simple kinds of sweets that you can make easily, such as:

  • coconut Laddoos,
  • besan Laddoos,
  • sooji Laddoos,
  • Kaju barfis, etc.

So, just ready to meet your inner cook, this Raksha Bandhan.

Host a Family Dinner

If your brother is a mama’s boy, then this is what he will definitely love. Arrange a family, get together with your family member, cook his favorite dishes, or you can order meals online.

Before starting dinner, you can cut the rakhi cake that will make this day a memorable one for both of you. Create a lovely atmosphere by playing his favorite music during dinner time.

The joy and family members’ laughter will add the sweet touch to the gathering. So, if you are looking for a rakhi send to delhi & gift online, this idea can make it the best Rakhi present.

The love and bond between brother and sister are irreplaceable that no other bond can replace. All the mentioned ideas in this article will surely make this Raksha Bandhan 2020 the best one from all past years. We trust that you love this article. So, if you are about to order rakhi gift online, just read it again and choose an ideal gift for your loving brother.