Towing A Damaged Vehical In Killeen

A motor vehicle can tow a vehicle that is not a trailer if it can no longer circulate due to a breakdown or lack of essential parts. It must be done through a solid coupling between the two vehicles, a steel cable, a rope suitable for the purpose, a chain, a rod or rigid bar, and must be marked in such a way as to be clearly visible and not to compromise traffic safety.

Vehicle towing in Killeen is just one call away. If in an emergency situation, the driver pulls another vehicle with his vehicle without respecting the requirements relating to the solidity of the connection, he is punished with the subtraction of 2 points from the license.

The towed vehicle must have the emergency flashing light on or expose the protruding load panel (fig. 302) or, failing that, the movable warning triangle.

It is not true that the towed vehicle must keep the rear lights on in the absence of other suitable signals. When a faulty vehicle, equipped with power steering, is towed, it can be tiring to maneuver the steering. The driver in a faulty vehicle, which is being towed must have a driving license, but it is not true that an E license is required. It is true that the driver of the vehicle being towed must engage the fourth gear.

It is forbidden for motorcycle drivers to tow and be towed by other vehicles. No vehicle can tow or be towed by more than one vehicle (except in the case of exceptional transport)