Real Ninja Weapons for Sale – Amazing Weapons of History

The real ninja weapons for sale that you will come across are weapons that were once used in the old times by the ninjas. Ninjas were a group of warriors based out of a small village in modern day China who acquired special skills with and without weapons to protect themselves, their loved ones and their belongings.

The real ninja weapons that the ninjas used constituted of many different weapons that were good for various reasons. Some weapons were effective in close combats, whereas some of them were good for long-range hitting.

Along with getting a variety of weapons to choose from, you also get to benefit from the weapon as they can be used in a variety of ways. Yes, the use of the weapon is not limited to protecting you only, but you can perform a variety of tasks with them. This guide will get you acquainted with all uses and types of real ninja equipment.

Variety of Ninja Weapons Available

As mentioned earlier, you get to find a variety of Ninja Weapons available in weapon stores and online marketplaces. The following is the ninja weapon list that you can choose from.


The nunchucks are a weapon that was used by the ninjas for close combats. The weapon has two thick sticks that are joined together with a thick chain. You can use the stick for hitting your opponents by holding one stick, or you can strangle your enemies with the thick chain the weapon has. The weapon comes in various variants as you can buy the weapon in wooden, metal, and even foam form.


The sai is a fork-shaped weapon that has three pointed blades, just like that of a sword. The weapon is an enlarged version of a fork and has a small handle. The ninjas used the weapon for stabbing enemies with it, as it was really effective in close combats. You can do the same with the weapon just by keeping it at home.

Ninja Star

The ninja star is a weapon that is different from the above-mentioned weapons. It is a weapon that the ninjas used for long-range hitting or kills. The weapon is a star that has four or five pointed edges that rip apart the target once the target gets hit.

The weapon is small in size and is easy to carry and is identical in use to the throwing knives weapon. You can use the weapon for attacking enemies, or you can carry it to the wilds for hunting purposes.

Ninja Sword

The ninja sword is another great weapon that you will come across. The weapon is unique because it is totally different from the everyday swords you find in markets or see in movies. The weapon is shorter in size, has a curved blade, and has a cut from the front.

The ninjas carried two instead of one because of their short size. They also wore a back strap that helped them carry the weapon with ease. You can do the same with weapon.

Bo Staff

The bo staff is a weapon that was used by the warriors for close combat. The weapon featured a long stick that was made up of different types of wood. You can flip the weapon and attack multiple people at a time, you can hit them with one end, or you can block large numbers of people with the weapon. Uses of the Historical Weapons

The historical weapons are great on their own as they reflect old times and give the feel of what life was back then. You can use the weapon in a couple of ways that are not limited to self defense. Self defense is an important thing, and with these weapons, you can easily keep yourself safe while indoors and outdoors.

Apart from self defense, the weapons like stars are ideal for hunting purposes; you can hunt anything down with the weapons from a safe distance. With the weapon, you will not need to come close to your target, and rather you can take it down from a distance.

The use of the weapon has been depicted in many martial arts movies and cartoons, such as the Ninja Turtles cartoon. You can use the weapon in a similar way for your movie shooting purposes, especially if you are shooting a similar scene. Similarly, the weapons can also be used for cosplay events, especially if you are dressed like a ninja.

The weapon are also ideal for collection purposes because of the historical connection they have. The weapons give the feel of what life was back then. Adding them to your collection will be a great idea. Display them, and people will be amazed at what you have.

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