What Is the Proper Way to Style Clip-In Hair Extensions

Fun, beautiful, and easy to use, clip-in hair extensions are some of the easiest ways to add volume and beauty to your hairstyle. They come in a variety of lengths, colors, and textures so you can fully express your personality and style.

High-quality hair extensions are made from natural human hair and they should be treated just like you would treat your hair. No matter if you just want to add a little bit of volume or extra inches to your hair, clip-in hair extensions are here to give you the hair of your dreams.

Putting on the hair extensions

This step is maybe the one that worries many women that have just started using hair extensions. First clip in the hair that is the upper section from the one where you want to clip the extensions.

To add more volume and to hide the clips, the best way is to attach them from the bottom of your head and a bit upwards. This way you will notice if the clips are visible and how much hair is needed to cover them up.

For the front part of your scalp, it is advised to attach them diagonally and slightly upwards to have extra volume.

The correct way to clip the hair extension is to comb your clean and fully dried hair and then select locks that are strong and long enough to hold the extension. Try to attach the clip-in hair extensions as flat as possible to avoid any unwanted lumps.

Prepping the hair

Now that you have the locks on you can use a heat-protective spray. There are many women that first style the hair extensions and the natural hair separately and then put them together. It is up to your choice but if you have just begun this beautiful journey of hair extensions, it is better to style them once you have in your head for a better image.

Use a heat-protective spray to prolong the life of your hair and to have the hair extensions by your side as long as possible.

Let down hairstyles

These are probably the easiest ones to do while wearing clip-in hair extensions. Whether we are talking about curly hair or straightened hair, styling is very easy. Just take your styling tool and use it as you normally do, paying attention when you come close to the clips. They should be kept away from heat because they can get quite hot.

Up-dos and extra volume

Extra volume can be easily achieved if you comb back your hair extensions and natural hair. For up-dos you just have to pay attention when attaching the clips.

For example, many stylists recommend attaching the extensions upside-down from the top for your head if you want a high ponytail. Also, if you still have short strands of hair it is recommended to tuck them in or to clip them off.

The finishing touch of many hairstyles is the hairspray. It is advised to use a non-sticky one or to avoid any hair product that can stick to your hair because it will make theIndique  hair extensions very hard to take off and clean.

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